About us


SCHWÄKOV s. r. o. company is concerned with recycling, shredding, milling, granulation and other processing of plastics and electro-wastes. Our company was founded in 1994 and since that time we have expanded all over the Czech Republic, but also abroad. Our company uses the most modern machines and technologies for recycling of electro-wastes and plastics.

Leading manufacturing company in Austria, Italy, Belgium, Poland and Slovakia are among our customers. We deal also with companies in the Ukraine and Russia and a considerable part of our production is destined for export to Taiwan, China and USAContact us and take advantage of our more than two decades of experience in recycling plastics and electrical appliances.


recycling of plastics materials and electro-wastes

Recycling of plastic materials mainly includes PP, Polyethylene LD, HD, L-LD, PA6, PA6 6, ABS, PC, PET which we are able to produce in the form of pressed bales, flakes, washed flakes, dry flakes, agglomerates, regranulates and other. Out of electro-wastes we recycle computers and their peripherals, televisions and other old scrapped electrical equipments, from which we separate plastics, non-ferrous metals and precious metals.