Recycling of plastics

Ecological recycling of plastics

Our company is, among others, concerned with regranulation, agglomeration, shredding and milling of waste plastics. We uses the most modern machines and technologies for recycling plastics.


We recycle mainly undermentioned plastics

  • PP
  • Polyethylen LD, HD, L-LD
  • PA6, PA6 6
  • ABS
  • PC
  • PET
  • PVB


We are able to produce all these plastics in the form of pressed bales, flakes, washed flakes, dry flakes, agglomerates, regranulates and otherContact us and take advantage of our long-tem of experience in recycling plastics and electro-wastes.

Assorting line

An assorting line provides full control over the process of recycling. At the beginning of the line plastics are separated out of other waste. Then they are able to be pressed and exported in the form of pressed bales. Second possibility is milling whereby flakes are produced. Flakes can be modified by different ways. They are most often washed (exported as wash flakes), dried (exported as dry flakes) or they can be agglomerated or regranulated (exported as agglomerates or regranulates).

All these products and the assorting line are shown there in after: 

FLAKES                                                                             REGRANULATES